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As an owner and operator of a Pilatus for over 30 years, Lance Toland is recognized as the leading broker of aviation insurance for Pilatus Aircraft worldwide. We deliver a depth of knowledge to our Pilatus clients that no other firm can begin to deliver. We have hosted numerous Pilatus Factory seminars for underwriters at our Atlanta offices, which has broadened the underwriting community’s understanding of the product line resulting in lower premiums over the years for operators.

Every major aviation underwriter maintains offices within minutes of our Atlanta headquarters, which is one thing that allows us to continue a close and productive working relationship with the best aviation insurance underwriters in the business. Many of the underwriters travel frequently on our Pilatus and understand their unique operational niche. Recognizing constant challenges in the Pilatus PC-12 and PC-24 arena, we continue to focus on the needs of today and anticipate the needs of the future.

POPA - 15th Anniversary Celebration of the Pilatus PC-12 Introduction

It was an honor to be a presenter at this year’s 15th POPA celebration anniversary of the introduction of the PC-12. I was also fortunate to celebrate the 10th year atop Mount Pilatus at the factories’ gathering and speaking on insurance. That said, I hope you will enjoy looking back at where we started and see where we are and hopefully get an idea of where PC-12 insurance is headed. Here is my condensed powerpoint presentation…. Where is PC-12 Insurance Headed

Pilatus PC-12 NG Operations & Safety Review 2012

Insurance Underwriters Presentation May 24, 2012

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